Method of shipment

Express Mail Service (EMS)

Express Mail Service (EMS) quickly delivery goods to customers approximately not more than 24-48 hrs. (Bangkok Metropolitan Region, mostly up to 24 hours), and provinces, the customer will receive the goods in the next day, which can be morning or afternoon, depending on the route taken charge of the destination post office. For some districts may take up to 2 days. Express mail delivery advantages, it’s not only rapid but you can also check the parcel carefully during shipping. Where the parcel is. Only for Thailand !

Shipping rates

  • Standard purchase price 1-499 baht, freight 50
  • Purchase 500 baht free freight

Shipping circle

Items delivery on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday approximately at 10:30 pm

Items delivery only on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday approximately at 10:30 pm. Tuesday, We do not ship on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday including official holiday or holidays or as declared (post-holiday).

It is delivered only once a day approximately at 10: 30 p.m., if the day’s afternoon (not over 15pm.) Have already purchased more than 50 entries per list box we will send, again approximately at 16 pm.

For purchase online customers, after delivery about 1-4 hours, message concern post parcel will be sent automatically to your email and you can check delivery status at parcel tracking system within 24 hours.

The customer should perform the payment and inform us before the delivery time at least 1 hour or up to 10.30 am. of the day, as we will prepare the product for shipping. And If payments information exceed or in the afternoon of the day, the items will be shipped the next work day (Order one piece or small piece we can delivery )