Acne problems caused by cosmetics.

15 十月 2015


Acne problems caused by cosmetics.
We can say that for women, makeup is as important to our life as our meals. But if we only focus on wearing makeup without taking care of our skin, then we will definitely face with acne problems. Acnes caused by cosmetics usually happen because we don’t remove our makeup properly and thoroughly. And this is the cause of Comedone which occurred when you don’t clean your makeup enough and it blocks the pores of your skin. Or it could cause inflammation from chemical substance in cosmetic products.

How to treat acne problems caused by cosmetics
1. When you have Comedones and inflammation acne, stop your makeup. Because makeup can irritate your skin and worsen your breakouts, so you should avoid or put on less make up.
2. Try reduce oily food, because it’s one of the key factor to cause Comedones. When we consume fried and greasy food, not only does it make us fat, it will surely cause us acne because it stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil through the skin. And it will eventually lead to blemishes.
3. Skincare and treatment with Dermanour Acne Detoxification, a skincare package that will cleanse skin impurities and balance the pH of your skin. It also help resolve your acne issues whether it be Comedones, Inflammation Acne, Acne Scars or Acne Aestivalis. More importantly, our products have been approved by DermScan that our products are non-irritating and do not contain any of 14 internationally banned substances or 14 free. Giving our customers the confidence that our products will not cause allergy or irritation after usage.

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