What is ‘Whipped Foam’? And how does it benefit your skin?

15 五月 2018

What is ‘Whipped Foam’? And how does it benefit your skin?

‘Whipped Form‘ is a kind of cleansing form with higher content of surfactant so it has the rich texture similar to whipped cream
Good thing is that its whipped foam is richer and softer than normal foam or cleanser.
When use, apply it to your hand or foaming net to lather up and to dilute the surfactant,
so it doesn’t have direct contact to your face too much. It keeps your skin moist and hydrated.

It becomes a hit item starting by Japanese girls, of course, as you can see that ladies from Japan have such smooth and flawless skin!
They are so careful with every step of their skin care and this ‘whipped foam‘ is always a must-have item for them
because it is not harsh on the skin.
Reduce wrinkles and dry skin. Keep your skin moist and juicy, healthy looking
and your foundation last longer #you have to try to feel it ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

But how can you make sure that which brand will be safest for your skin?
That’s why we are here to recommend you the “Honey Whip Cleansing Foam” that has some amazing qualities.

Want to have clear and smooth skin at first wash? Try this whipped cleansing foam ‘3 in 1 ULTRA WHITE FACIAL FOAM 
Do you know that they are the first cosmeceutical brand that sells whipped foam in the market? >< ( WOW!! )
It is fragrance-free, colorant-free, Paraben-free and dermatologist-test featuring
3 in 1 quality (tightening pores, whitening skin and preventing acne)
It’s formulated with honey extract that attracts and retains moisture,
prevents acne and suitable for all skin types. So don’t sweat it if you have dry skin.

Apply twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Wash your face thoroughly.
The texture is white-pearl color. Perfect for anyone who loves bubbles
because it’s easy to lather up this thick and soft foam. If you don’t believe me, let the picture below speaks for itself!

#that’s what I like with ‘Honey Whip Cleansing Foam‘ that generates perfectly soft foam
and gives you smooth skin from the very first time you wash your face.
It doesn’t leave you dry skin. You can use it even if you have oily skin type
because it also controls and balances sebum secretion, and prevent breakouts.
It serves as both cleansing foam and makeup remover. One item for all purposes,
what more can you ask for? You can use it yourself or share with your friends or your lover, perfect for anyone!

Try 3 in1 Ultra White Facial Foam, only 250 Baht. Click HERE.
You can buy it online or at beauty shops like
Lazada, Shopee, 11Street, EVEANDBOY,
Beautrium, Beauty24, Shopat 24, Orami, TrueShopping and Pure by BigC. 
Just check out any place near you ^^ See you again soon, bye bye.